When he founded his company in 1979, Alain Rosier laid the fundamentals that still distinguish Black-Star products after more than three decades of existence.
Requiring a product with identical quality and reliability to the ones of the major manufacturers of new tires, our manufacturing process is at the forefront of technology and exceeds the expectations of the regulation:


Banc d'essai
Test bench built at the factory and certified by UTAC


  • We control 100% of our production by scanner (shearography) to detect if this structure presents defects not detectable to the eye.
  • Acquisition of a testing bench, integrated to our plant and certified by UTAC to conduct performance charge tests, identical to those imposed on new tires.
  • Carcass acceptance criteria are the strictest in our profession.
  • Equipment and materials are studied and developed under our control to meet the specific needs of our product.

Ground is the only true judge :

Different size tests have allowed us to validate the technical level and reliability of our products.


The passenger car tire Black Star Mach.
3 was tested on the professional circuit Nardo,
with a Toyota Supra boosted for this purpose,
to an average speed of 272 km / h
(with peaks at over 300 km / h)
for more than 750km.



The 4 × 4 tires were also subject to various tests of endurance and performance achieved under extreme conditions in many expeditions in Latin America and Africa








Thanks to the quality of our products and our full range of segments of 4 × 4, vans and passenger cars, our tires are referenced by leading professional distribution networks.

Exporting, we distribute our tires in Europe, overseas territories and Africa.