Retreading, recycles used tires in which the carcass (the media), remained healthy and retained its full potential. The tread and sidewalls are replaced following a specific industrial technology to give them a new life without compromising their safety and effectiveness.

The retreading technique is very common in demanding sectors such as civil aviation and heavy trucks. Currently, in the European market of replacement tire near a heavy truck tire in three is a retread.

At a time where environmental issues are a priority, the retread, with 90% recycled content, is positioned as a future solution. Retreading a tire, can not only extend its life, but also significantly reduce the consumption of energy, resources (petroleum and derivatives) and CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process.

With over thirty years of experience, Black-Star, present on segments of 4X4, commercial vans and passenger cars, is a reference in the profession.


BLACK-STAR, the reference of retread MADE IN FRANCE:


Technology under control:

From the selection of used tires to the final verification of compliance using shearograpy laser control, each one of our tires follows a sophisticated process of production, identical to the very strict manufacturing procedures and controls required in the retread industry of aircraft tires (Aircraft Retread Technology).



Approved quality:

Since 2002, all retread tires are subject to the same security and performance tests as new tires.

BLACK-STAR was the first independent manufacturer certified by UTAC since 1999: all our products (except the profile Cross) have approvals R-108 and R-109



Same as new tires warranty :

All Black-Star tires have a warranty relative to wear, unlimited over time, up to legal wear controls (vandalism excluded and subject to proper installation and normal use)



Made In France :

All our tires are produced in France in our production unit located in Saint Pierre de Boeuf (Loire), and all carcasses and raw materials used in our process are subject to a rigorous selection based on full traceability.

Our experience and our ability to adapt enable us to respond quickly to market demand in real time.



Durable Commitment :

90% of the materials used in the manufacture of our tires come from recycling, saving all non-renewable natural resources. Since 1999 we optimize each stage of manufacture to reduce the environmental impact of our products.